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What is Stoichiometry Calculator?

Stoichiometry Calculator is a Free tool, you can find out the stoichiometry of any kind of chemical equation. This is the BEST online calculator.

Above all ScienceTute’s stoichiometric calculator tool is very easy to access.

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How to use Stoichiometric Calculator?

So, To perform the stoichiometry equation,

You just have to enter the chemical reaction equation in the input field and click on “SUBMIT” After that, it displays the balanced chemical reaction.

Note that,

  • Use uppercase for the first letter and lowercase for the second letter.
  • There must be one space before and after + and -> signs
  • You can use parenthesis() or brackets []

For further clarification, Have a look at the example given below

What Is Stoichiometry?

The definition of the stoichiometry is the method of calculating reactants and products of a chemical reaction.

According to the law of mass conversion, the total mass of reactants equal to the total weight of the products. Stoichiometry is directly connected with this law. In stoichiometry, the number of reactants is known, and the amount products are ones we should calculate. Sometimes we know the number of products, and we have to calculate the number of reactants too by using stoichiometry calculations. We can do those calculations manually or by using a stoichiometry calculator tool.

What is the Stoichiometry?

There are mainly two types of stoichiometries. They are,

  • Gas Stoichiometry
  • Composition Stoichiometry

Gas Stoichiometry

The reactions that deal with gases can apply for the gas stoichiometry. Here, we assumed those gases are ideal. Therefore temperature, pressure, and volume considered as known values. The volume ratio of every ideal gas is the same. But mass ratio differs from gas to gas because of having different molecular weights of reactants and products. This is how to calculate the gas stoichiometry.

Composition Stoichiometry

There is a clear relationship between atomic weight and moles. You can have a look at this relationship by our grams to moles calculator tool. Because of this relationship, the stoichiometry of reactions can calculate by using the quantity ratios of reactants and products. This is the composition stoichiometry.


Stoichiometry Calculator
Stoichiometry calculator is use to caluculate stoichiometry of any chemical equation
Stoichiometry Calculator
Stoichiometry calculator is use to caluculate stoichiometry of any chemical equation

Uses of Stoichiometry

By using the stoichiometric values, We can determine the quantitative relationship between reactants and products.

Secondly, in a balanced chemical equation, the stoichiometric coefficients display the molar ratios. As a result of getting the Stoichiometric values, we can predict the Molar mass, Yield percentage, and much more.

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Now you have good knowledge about Stoichiometry and how to use Stoichiometry Calculator to solve problems. Leave a comment if you have further questions about the stoichiometry.

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