pH and pOH Calculator

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pH calculator and pOH calculator

What is the pH and pOH calculator?

PH and pOH calculator is a straightforward tool, which you can find out the pH value of any solution just by giving its concentration to the calculator.

Above all, ScienceTute’s pH and pOH calculator tool is straightforward and user-friendly to access.

HFrom this text, you will learn How to use pH calculator, What is pH? pH formula and how it works with different acid and base solutions.

How to Use the Calculator?

So, To perform the pH and pOH calculator,

To find the pH/pOH value of a known solution, simply enter the Name of that particular solution (acid or base) with its Concentration (or H+ concentration) in the PH and pOH calculator. Then it will automatically generate the pH value of that particular solution.

Bonus tip – It will display the graph of pH vs. Concentration as well.

pH calculator and pOH calculator
pH calculator input
pH calculator output
pH calculator output

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How to Use (Example Video)

pH calculator, How to use?

So, its time to discuss the meaning of pH

What is Ph?

The pH of a solution is negative of the logarithm (to base 10) of the hydrogen ion concentration*.

*The logarithm to base 10 of a number is the power to which the base 10 must be raised to give the number. If log10 Z = Y, then Z = 10Y.

Also, if you are interested more in studying the pH, check out our very informative article about how pH values affect the environment as well.

Ph Formula

pH = -log10 [H3O+]

Hence for a solution in which [H3O+] =0.01 mol/L (i.e. 10-2 mol/L), the pH is 2, if [H3O+] = 10-7 mol/L, then pH = 7.

Why our pH calculator is better than Normal calculators

Most calculators have a log t base ten, usually labeled just “LOG” (not to be confused with the “LN” key, which calculators the logarithm to the base e). therefore, the calculation of pH is a simple operation from our online pH and pOH calculator. You do not have to press keys and mess things up. Just have to hit the known values and get the result by a single click.

If [H3O+] = 0.0416 mol/L, then to calculate pH, we just have to enter the concentration and press the Calculate button. Then it will automatically give the correct pH value as +1.38. It usually offers pH to two decimal places- three for extreme accuracy.

What is a pH meter, and what is it used for?

Under pH calculator article, There are instruments called pH meters that measure pH directly of solutions. The sensing device consists of a pair of electrodes (often mounted concentrically in the one unit). The measuring electrode called a glass electrode consists of a very thin and fragile membrane made out of a special kind of glass. This develops an electrode potential, which depends upon pH.

pH meter
pH meter

Reference electrode of pH meter

The other electrode is a reference electrode. When this sensing unit is immersed in the solution to be tested, it forms a galvanic cell. The accompanying electronics unit simply measures the voltage (EMF) of this cell and converts it into a pH reading. A significant advantage of a pH meter is that in measuring the pH of a solution, it does not alter the pH of the solution in any way. It does not disturb any chemical equilibria involved.

Conclusion of pH calculator

So finally, by our pH calculator, you can do your most of the calculation with ease without using any kind of expensive scientific calculator because this online pH calculator tool is totally free.

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